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Tierra del Fuego Colony Ship: Parting Shots by Caron Cro

Introducing Caron Cro's debut Sci-Fi novel
Tierra del Fuego Colony Ship: Parting Shots

2088: An international federation readies the Tierra del Fuego for its hundred twenty-three year voyage to the planet Demodocus.

Its mission: colonize the planet with the social structure they have crafted as their Compact. But the Compact enrages two very different fundamentalist sects, and theyíre both willing to destroy the ship and everyone aboard to stop what they see as heresy.

Lieutenant Trevathan Ivins, Systems Engineer, yearns for the expansiveness of space and its promise of adventure. But she and her friends will need unflagging courage and unprecedented technical skill to save themselves and the dream of a new social order.


Lieutenant Ivins is one of the two thousand people who will be living and working on the colony ship, and her commission on the ship is the fulfillment of her lifelong dream. Trevís mother and her brother were killed in a terrorist attack on an earlier space disaster, and she is estranged from her father, a renown animal research scientist. Single and career-driven, she is fully prepared to leave her terrestrial life behind forever. Travelling with her is Jazzmin Hanks, a fertility specialist OB/gyn; her lover, Anjelica Flores, a coroner; Dr. Evangelena Hebert, a vet specializing in primates; Car-leslie Foster, a nurse practitioner; Avery, a culinary specialist in a friends with benefits relationship with Trevathan; and a host of minor characters.

About Caron Cro

Caron Cro discovered women writers of science fiction while pursuing a masterís degree at the University of Texas. For thirty years her creative energies were poured into her career, a fulfilling run as a teacher, counselor, principal, and mentor of principals. Once retired and with her delightful sons launched into successful adulthood, she began to write the stories that had danced in her imagination for three decades. This is her first novel in an outlined trilogy that crosses the galaxy, not so much bending time and space as bending gender roles, definitions of family, and the social order in general.

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